Following her passion: About Erin Flynn

Designer Erin Flynn launched her eponymous brand, Erin Flynn Fine Jewelry, in 2021. She left the corporate world to live out her personal and business mantra of “always start with yes” by creating a line of everyday luxury pieces meant to be worn, cherished, and passed down as markers of a life lived well. Erin makes decisions with her heart first and has prioritized experiences and passions over paths of preconceived hallmarks. She intends for her pieces to carry that spirit, marking the passage of time and celebrating personal moments for her collectors in a way that only their own lives can, not as prescribed by a gridwork of societal norms and conventional traditions.  

Erin learned to make jewelry in her 20s from her artistic mother. Her first meaningful project was handcrafting earrings for her bridesmaids. The sense of connection, meaning and joy the work sparked made a mark, and the dream of starting her own line was firmly planted. She began her journey first by diving into the corporate life she prepared and planned for, and it served her well, featuring many success stories. Every decision she made during that time further clarified her hunch that following her gut was forever the best strategy. It led her jump into new worlds, from leading a mergers and acquisitions team in travel media to the investment banking industry, and once leaving it all to travel the globe. She continued to learn and participate in the jewelry design world, and she now spends her days creating jewelry that celebrates women, celebrating life. She currently lives with her two young sons in San Francisco.

Erin’s collections are home to ethically sourced jewelry that is timeless, yet playful. Her elegant and unique pieces are meant to be personal classics that will become part of the wearer’s story and inspire a smile every time they’re worn. In addition to the three distinct lines – Megawatt, Champagne Bubbles and Defining Lines– her bespoke portion of offerings brings Erin’s initial love for the process full circle. She shares the intensely personal nature of designing her own wedding jewelry with her clients by drawing out what they really want – stylistically, symbolically, and practically – and giving them staple pieces for their jewelry wardrobe. Whether designing custom jewelry, reimagining heirloom pieces, or bringing to life designs in her collections that have purpose open to the interpretation of the wearer, Erin designs with an approach that lays bare the emotional connection to jewelry through which she finds joy. All her work is inspired by an ethos of celebrating the moments and milestones that are both mundane and unconventional rather than prescribed by an arbitrary life playbook. Everyone’s story should be celebrated, every day.  

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