Custom Jewelry


Unlock what perfection means to you by working directly with Erin Flynn to create something beautiful and meaningful for your life.  

“I design all of my jewelry with three thoughts in mind: it should be personal. It should make you smile. And it should become part of your own story.”  -Erin Flynn

Working with Erin means you have an expert guide that will take time to understand your style, your vision and your needs to create a timeless piece of jewelry that will become part of your life. Erin understands how personal and special jewelry can be and makes the process fun and exciting.

About the process

1. Schedule a Consultation
Erin will get to know you, understand your vision and capture your ideas and feelings.

2. Develop your Design
Erin will work collaboratively with you to bring your vision to life, and oversee quality and production.

3. Perfect your Collection
Imagine opening the box to see your custom piece for the first time and slipping it on to see the sparkle – now you’re wearing your perfection.


Unlock perfection. 

To inquire about Erin Flynn Custom, please call (415) 504-2550 or email 




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